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Thanks to all who endorse this campaign!

COC CA School Employees Assoc. (CSEA) Chapter #725
COC Part-time Faculty United AFT Local 6262
COC Full-time Faculty Association (COCFA)

Christy Smith, CA State Assemblywoman AD38 
Joan MacGregor, Santa Clarita Community College Trustee
Shelley Weinstein, Sulphur Springs School District Trustee
Steve Tannehill, Former Newhall School District Trustee
Gonzalo Freixes, Former Newhall School District Trustee

Basil Aranda, 2019-20 Student Trustee and COC Class of 2020 - "Throughout my tenure as student trustee, Dr. Alonso has consistently been the trustee to ask the hard questions and demand the right answers. To work side-by-side with Dr. Alonso is to witness her conviction, skills, and tenacity. As a student,  I am so grateful there was someone like Dr. Alonso advocating for us and our education. As an alumni, I could not imagine the board without Dr. Alonso. I endorse Dr. Alonso for trustee of the SCCCD. 

Sylvia Espinosa-Altamirano
Brit Anderson
Debbie Anderson
Kevin Anthony
Brittany Applen
Diane Babko:
"Of course I will support you."
Shawnee Badger
Jeffrey Baker:
"As a professor at the college, I know that Edel Alonso is a guard of taxpayer money, an advocate for quality instruction, and most important a force for student success. I strongly endorse Edel Alonso for the board of Trustees at College of the Canyons."
Ruth Baker
Martha Ballante
Tim Ballante
Erin Barnthouse
Mary Bates:
"I'm in your corner."
Lin Betancourt
Christopher Blakey
Howard Blanchard
Regina Blasberg: "
Edel has always been a strong student advocate. She is an ideal candidate for the BOT." 
Malcolm Blue: "I love your energy, integrity and commitment. I endorse and support you."
John Bomben
Jeff Bomberger
Sara Breshears
Dr. Jennifer Brezina
: " have my endorsement. You are doing such a great job!"
Ken Bricker
Ron Bricker
Doug Broers
: "I endorse Dr. Edel Alonso!"
Lori Brown: "One of the most exquisitely prepared, inspiring, and effective leaders I have ever known!"
Sandy Brush: "We know you will be on the board again! You have our prayers."
Jason Burgdorfer
Juan Buriel
Amy Burke
Kelly Burke
: "I fully endorse and support Dr. Alonso. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, thorough, considerate in her evaluation of board agenda items, and has the students and taxpayers in her heart and mind at all times."
Vernon Burke
Michelle Campbell
Sandra Cattell: "As a 34 year (now retired) COC teacher, I strongly endorse Edel for reelection. Her fresh ideas and support for teachers and students was just what this board needed, and is still needed going forward."
Carlos Chavez
Katie Coleman
Gary Collis
Rabiah Coon
Evelyn Cox
Barbara Creme: "Of course you have my whole-hearted endorsement."
Marlene Curwen
Jacquie Custer
: "You can count on me again."
Marcia Dains
Stephen Daniels
Jerry Danielsen
Luke Davies: "With fiscal responsibility, administration-wariness, a record of caring about students, and giving the establishment a run for its corrupt offered; Dr. Edel Alonso is the responsible choice for Trustee in Area 2."
Mark Daybell: "Dr. Edel Alonso brings experience, dedication and integrity to the position. a four star candidate."
Marlene Demerjian: "Endorsing and supporting a public official who continually emphasizes and promotes ethical practices is an honor to do. Thank you, Edel, for your tireless efforts to make COC a better place for students and educators."
May Nguyen Do
Terri Dokovna: "I absolutely endorse you, Edel!
Nancy Duffy
Sharlene Duzick
Dr. Ana I. Dwork
Jonathan Dwork
Dr. Nicholas Dwork

Rebecca Edwards: "I endorse Edel. she is honest and thorough and reads the material before the meetings. She asks difficult questions."
Michael Ehrhart
Rebecca Eikey:
"I endorse Edel for Area 2 for the College of the Canyons Board of Trustees! Edel has served the community well in her first term. She is a thoughtful, responsible board member who will ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability." 
Ron Entrekin: "Glad you decided to continue your efforts"
Mauricio Escobar
Sarah Farnell

Nicole Faudree: "I am so thrilled to endorse Dr. Edel Alonso for Board of Trustees. She is a consummate professional. She is well-spoken, intelligent, and calm in the face of adversity or conflict. She is always prepared for Board meetings. She is willing to ask questions about how money is being spent. Transparency and helping students are most important to her."
Bernardo Feldman
Frank C. Ferry:
"I endorse Dr. Edel Alonso."
Kathy Flynn: "Hi, Edel - I cannot imagine a better qualified candidate to help navigate the college through the pandemic. Good luck in your re-election and thank you for your service."
Amy Foote
Stacy Fortner
Gayle Freund:
"Thank you for all you do and your advocacy."
Matt Funicello
Philip Germain
Collette Gibson
: "I endorse Dr. Edel Alonso!"
Miriam Golbert: "I fully support and endorse Dr. Alonso! Integrity, dedication and passion in everything she does" 
Phil Gussin
Patti Haley:
"As a former COC educator, Edel has great insight into the college, its students, faculty and staff. I support her re-election to the COC Board of Trustees."
Carrie Dobratz-Hanks
Susan Hinshaw
Andrea Hollister
Mark Hollister
Garrett Hooper
Lisa Hooper
: "An amazing civil servant!"
Christopher Hopgood
Chris Hovden
Julie Hovden
: "You have our endorsement! She's the hardest working, most student-centered, and ethical individual I know, and have had the pleasure to work with an learn from!! Thank you for running for a second term!! Thank you for your dedication! My family and I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Edel Alonso for re-election to the COC Board of Trustees!"
Jeff Jacobson
Joan Jacobson
Daniel Jaffe
Charlie Johnson
Fern Zalin Jones
: "You've got our votes - and I still have my yard sign!"
Joanne Julian: "You're an "inspiring woman."
Adam Kaiserman
Chisato Kanagi
: "I fully support you and believe you will do your best in this position."
Marilyn "Mimi" Kern
Alice Knebel

Richard Kramer
Ann Kressin
: "Thank you for your service!!"
Michelle LaBrie: "You have our 3 votes!"
Julie Lawson
Victoria Leonard:
"Edel Alonso has a proven track record of leadership at College of the Canyons the was a faculty leader for many years and continued to support faculty and the college when she was elected to the Board of Trustees. I trust in her decisions and now that she makes every decision from a place of integrity."
Albert Loaiza
Ann Lowe:
"Your honesty, integrity, work, and strong work ethic, make you the best possible candidate."
Jan Lynch
Denise Maggio
Tammy Mahan
Lisa Malley
Mike Marcinko
Anne Marenco:
"I endorse Edel Alonso for Board of Trustees for College of the Canyons, She has proven to be a trustee in support of students at the college. She understands the operation of the college from many levels. As an owner of property in the Santa Clarita Valley, former student of COC, and current faculty member at COC, I wholeheartedly endorse Edel Alonso for re-election to the COC Board of Trustees. In my association with Edel, I know her to be honest, forthright, and diligent. She has proved to be an asset to the Board and to the students of COC. She fulfills her responsibilities with diligence and thoughtfulness. Students are first and foremost in her mind as she enacts her role of Trustee."
Janine Martinez: "I am happy to endorse your candidacy."
Irma Matal: "I endorse Dr. Edel Alonso"
Saburo Matsumoto
Joni Giberson McMahon: 
Braddon Mendelson
Mary Jean Morris:
"You are obviously the best choice. No question. No one I respect more"
Dennis Morrow
Kathi Gerace-Moskal
Rebecca Corona-Nickerson
Bonnie Nikolai:
"Of course! You can always count on my support." 
Tim Olsen
Carrie Olstad
Aivee Ortega
: "We fully endorse you. I am so glad you are running again. We need you."
Allison Padula: "Best counselor I've ever had! In fact one of the reasons I became a LMFT! You are a gift!!!
Ana Palmer
Jennifer Paris: "I support Edel."
Myrna Parra
Steve Petzold
Ivy Pierson: "I absolutely endorse you!"
Carol Ramnarine
Ruth Rassool
Michelle Razzano
Juan Renteria
Ambika Silva: "You're the best Edel!"
Tammera Rice 
Benjamin Riveira
Dr. Deanna Riveira
Cassandra Cross Rivera: “I am 1000% behind you” and I endorse you.”
Carol Rock: " truly prioritize the best interest of our community and student population in your work."
Shawn Rodriguez
Wendy Ruiz
Deborah K. Sall
Kim Sase
Stephanie Sauer
Hilary Schardain
Erica Seubert:
"As a current Associate Professor of Biology at COC, I appreciate the critical thinking skills Dr. Alonso brings to the Board meetings. She clearly cares what happens at the school and does her homework before every meeting! As a constituent, I am confident her decisions are made from an educated decision and I feel better informed after hearing the answers to her questions."
Amy Shennum
Rebecca Shepherd
Tracey Sherard
Ambika Silva: "You are the best!"
Mary J. Silva: "I'm excited to hear you are running for a second term... You can count on my endorsement."
Dianne Sindermann: "You have my support!"
Diane Sionko
Logan Smith: "You've been a dedicated voice for student and staff and we're lucky to have you."
Jeffrey Stabile Sr.
Peggy Stabile: "Your first term's record indicates that you're the right person to represent Area 2. You have my wholehearted endorsement!"
Dotty Stallman
Cindy Stephens
Carol Stevenson
Alan Strozer
Gilda Stubblefield
Patti Skinner Sulpizio
Marcia Tannehill
Jackie Thomas
Jennifer Thompson
Tommy Thompson
Erika Torgeson
Diane Trautman
Roselva Ungar
Jesse Vera: "I endorse Dr. Edel Alonso."
Daniel Matt Villasenor: "I'm with you 110%, Edel! You have my support!"
Bob Vincent
Julie Visner
Dilek Sanver-Wang
Heaven Warner:
"I endorse Dr. Edel Alonso."
Dr. Diana Watkins: "I have known Dr. Alonso for many years as a colleague, leader, counselor and Board Member of the Santa Clarita Community College District. She is ever faithful, professional, discreet, and considers all sides of problems presented to the board. Even in the midst of tragedy, pandemics, and civil riots she is a rock of inspiration and truth. I wholly endorse her for this position."
Elaine Whitebook
Dori Wolfenstein
Robert Wonser: "Edel's tenure on the board has been amazing. She asks pertinent questions, adds invaluable insight and gets things done. I wholeheartedly endorse Edel Alonso for College of the Canyons Board of Trustees."
Bin Woo
Betty Wynn
Wendy Brill-Wynkoopetty Wynn
Dr. Pamela Brogdon-Wynne: "Congratulations Edel. You have my support and continued help."
Marie Yagmur: "I'm there for you!!"
Koren Young: "As an instructor at COC and someone who has seen Dr. Alonso's dedication to students and faculty, I enthusiastically endorse her to serve again on the COC Board of Trustees."
Alene Terzian-Zeitounian





Unsolicited endorsements:









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